Saturday, January 13, 2018

Technology is Taking Over the World

My son has been playing around with his Alexa and Echo devices and has built some switches to let them control physical things - the cool part is that he wrote the code that works with both devices.  Being at Carnegie Mellon he gets these thing for free as the companies like the students to push the boundaries.  The first video shows a light switch.  All the mounts were 3D printed by him.

The next video is much more important from a fate of the species kind of thing - he can now issue voice commands to turn on the coffee maker.  He's also got it rigged so that when his moving alarm goes off, the coffee makers gets turned on.

Now if he would only be half as industrious looking for a job post graduation...

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Steven Williams said...

My 7 year old boy has been fascinated by his child minder’s Alexa devices this week - I showed him this and he was amazed. When my boy is your son’s age, I think houses will be like the starship Enterprise with our every whim catered for.