Saturday, January 6, 2018

More Analogues Hobbies Stuff

 Two different groups of troops this time.  First up are some reinforcements for my DAK armies in the form of DAK infantry, some FJ's and armor.
 A Rubicon plastic Panzer IV - really can't recommend Rubicon models any more highly.
 My second box of plastic Perry DAK infantry
 A Panzer II from Warlord
 Warlords plastic FJ's - really like this box also
 An Italian armored car - I still need to paint up some Italian Paratroopres
 And a SKDz 222 also from Warlord
 The next submission is more fantasy oriented with 20 crewman from the new Ghost Archipelago Box set
 And 5 plastic Barbarians from Frostgrave
The whole group


Jonathan Freitag said...

Your workbench is a busy place!

Gary said...

Wow you sure can pump put the painted figures.. Very nice done..

Matt Crump said...

Don’t forget to sleep 😀

Michael Mills said...

Still like that AB41.