Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Yet More Challenge Stuff - Dungeon Terrain

 Taking advantage of the terrain category addition to this year's challenge, production has commenced on some dungeon terrain.

My "system" is based on 4x4 inch sections and everything is made out of 1/2 inch polystyrene foam aka "pink foam".  I strongly suggest you get a Proxxon hot wire cutting table if you want to build similar items.  I'll make some detailed "how-to" posts in the near future.
 I've built the equivalent of 28 4x4 sections (a few are a bit larger - 4 x8 and 4 x 12 inches).  So far there are a handful of configurations

- plain (no walls)
- One wall
- Two walls opposite (a corridor)
- Two walls at a right angle (a corner)
- The walls in a "U" shape
- A stair section

I'm sure there will be some other configurations and some larger "set-pieces"
 Rather than make dedicated door sections, I decided to go with slip-on doors.  I've mocked up a few to try out.

 I also made some treasure markers.  Here's a shot of 6 small ones.  The three containers on the top row are custom built by me using popsicle sticks and bass wood.  The large barrel is my first piece of 3D printed terrain.
 A scratch built larger chest and a barrel from a Renedra set.

 Lastly, an open chest filled with"treasure"

As with the dungeon sections I'll make a how-to post on the treasure markers and containers.

These will be used in a gaming event I'm hosting in April and then at Historicon this summer.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Very intriguing indeed. A lot of fine work there.

Ivor Evans said...

That looks brilliant!

Steven Williams said...

Very cool!

Paul O'G said...

This will be awesome - amongst other projects, I've always wanted to build a modular 3D dungeon!