Friday, June 21, 2019

HCON Prep: Total Battle Village Tiles

 The three village tiles and associated buildings from Total Battle Miniatures are just about done.  These gems are from their 15mm "big battalions" range.  All that's left to do is some clean up, detailed scenicing and then sealing.  I really like how these came out.

First up is the "the Hamlet" tile, which has 3 buildings on a flexible base.

The barn is a little dark and shiny on the roof so I'll need to tone that down and hit it with matte spray.
Next up is the 4 building "Village" tile.  This tile had hedges along with walls cast in and was a lot of fun to paint up.  The Village tile has three road connection points, whereas the Hamlet had just two.  You get one guess on how many the next larger one has...

All of the buildings are removable and fit into 1/16 inch deep sabots.  The sabots and building fit one of two sizes so it's easy to mix and match.
Lastly, the "town" tile, which is a booming metropolis consisting of 7 buildings and four road connections.  This makes for a key  objective in any war-game.
The church steeple isn't fixed down yet as it came with two options - the pointy one shown and an onion dome for a more eastern European feel.  I'm going to attach them with magnets as a last step.
I highly recommend these tiles for any 15mm gamer.

Historicon countdown:

20 days, 11 hours, 58 minutes...

If you are interested in playing one of the 5 scheduled gaming slots this year, I do recommend you pre-registar soon - the Thursday game is filled up and I'm told the other four have just a handful of spots open.

I hope to see you in Lancaster this July.


George Anderson said...

Very nice, toying with the getting some of their 28mm stuff.

TamsinP said...

Nice looking settlements Miles :)