Saturday, April 21, 2012

And so It Begins... Part Duex

 Well it's April and that means it's time for my wife to host her Spring luncheon for her female dental students.  The first few have arrived but the count is expected to swell to 72.  Think of these first arrivals as "pathfinders' for the rest.

 While I shall be banished to the basement and only called forth when my lovely wife feels the need to demonstrate "how to train a husband" for her young wards, all is not lost.  There's the food - oh the glorious food.

 The theme is again French and the food layout is even better than last year.  If only I can figure a way to keep those ravenous crones , oops I mean those delicate flowers from eating all the good stuff.  There's salmon, quiche (and this real man does eat quiche), veal, a roast.

Here's the crew prepping the food.  I volunteered to be head of testing an quality control - it's a tough job but somebody has to do it.

Oh no there's the door bell, that means those pathfinders mentioned above have successfully guided in the first wave.  To the Barricades! - wish me luck..... I'll need it.

Wait there's movement, what's going on???

Oh no, they're heading for the food "No, don't eat the Roast Beef - eat the damn salad instead -  Noooooo!!!!!!..."

Oh the horror, the horror....


jmezz382 said...

At least you have the basement

tradgardmastare said...

Off to the basement to paint figures I think & then emerge to eat the left-overs...

jmilesr said...

The basement is a no-go zone.

I had to even clean up the painting desk as she's hiding the gifts for the girls down there.


Ian said...

Your leading a tough life at the moment, hope you like rabit food