Monday, April 16, 2012

Roman Praetorians & Auxiliary Archers

 Another 24 figure Cohort is about to enter service into my Roman tabletop army.  This unit is about 80% done.  The figures are the Warlord plastic Praetorians and like the rest of the Warlord Early Imperial Roman line they're very good figures.

 I still need to finish out the detail painting / dry brushing and scenic the bases / movement tray.  I may also try to free hand a more interesting design for the shields.  I did try some Little Big Man Studio's (LBM) transfer for the shields but just couldn't get them to work.  Sometimes one is "on" for detail work like that and sometimes your just "off".

 One notable thing about this unit is that all 24 figures where painted in a single session Sunday morning.  OK it was a longish session but I've never done that many figures in a four hour session.  I'm sure as I go back to pick out details I'll see lots of opportunity for improvement.

Next up on the painting list is a unit of 16 Early Imperial Roman Archers.  These figures are, again, from Warlord but they are the metal "Western Empire"  Auxiliary archers.  I should be able to knock these gentlemen out by next weekend.  Doing so will finish up what I need to add for my Romans and then it's back to Dacians / Sarmatians.  I want to add a few more infantry and artillery units to flesh out that force for the game I'll be hosting at Historicon this July.


Ray Rousell said...

Looking very very nice, the LBMS do look excellent, shame you couldn't get them on, I've got to get some for my GB Vikings, must say I'm not looking forward to putting them on either, I may go and cry on Posties shoulder, he's good at putting them on!!

BlioRay said...

Great romans!

John de Terre Neuve said...

Nice looking, I have to say that sometimes I think just pack in the multiple figure bases and use movement trays with single based figures.


DeanM said...

Looking good so far - can't wait to see your shield patterns. I think these figures make for good production line painting. Best, Dean

Phyllion said...
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Phyllion said...


I found the round LBMS transfers a doddle to apply. Don't be daunted!

The Angry Lurker said...

4 hours!!!, now that's good,lovely stuff by the way!

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments

John: Since I'm a bit of a rules butterfly, I've gone with basing flexibility - all my 28mm figures are based on 20mm square magnetized bases which are then grouped into 4 of 6 figure unit stands. I use the movement trays to speed games along (especially convention games). The trays work best for ancients and not as well for Nap's given the frequent formation changes (column, attack column, line and square)

About half the games I play in Naps feature figure removal for casualties and I keep thinking of trying Warhammer Ancients.