Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Day After

 Yet again I have cheated fate and managed to survive my wife's annual spring luncheon for her women dental students.  This year was as perilous as the rest.  The first pic of my wife (front row 4th from the right) and her wards.  Sure they all look nice in the photo but get between them and the food and you'll see a much more terrifying side.

 The girls did give my wife a nice platter for serving steamed crabs - very useful in our neck of the woods.  It was a very nice gesture.

 Here is an "action" shot of our guest swarming the cake and devouring it without pity.  I kept thinking of shark feeding frenzy - it was touch and go for a bit but I managed to get out of the room unscathed.  The only other rough spot came when as I was cleaning up plates from a table.  The young lionesses seemed to have been discussing their respective boyfriends and their associated deficiencies (which are apparently numerous).  You know how these conversations go - each successive comment tries to top the previous.  Attempting to lighten the mood, I suggested that they remember that men, as a group, are just not that bright and such things as sports on TV, action movies and the whole toilette seat thing are just some of our more endearing qualities.  Lets just say I failed my saving throw on this encounter and added more fuel to the bonfire of their furry.  The net result is that I fear  there are some boyfriends in real trouble right now - dead men walking.

OK what about the food.  Good lord how can such tiny girls consume so much food?  Here's a pic of the table about halfway through.

We need to order more food for next year.


Phil Broeders said...

Can I come next year?

Peter Douglas said...

So your house was invaded by attractive intelligent young ladies and the food was good - where exactly is the downside? I'm with Phil!


Ray Rousell said...

I would have been upstairs serving the food!!! And doing my best not to show myself up!

jmilesr said...

It was a very nice event and I did my best to an example of what a well trained husband should be. My wife enjoys hosting these events and who am I to complain about being surrounded by gaggle of young ladies.

One funny thing is it takes my son and I hours to clean up in preparation but only minutes to restore our man cave to it's usual state of chaos.

VolleyFireWargames said...

yes ever be mindful of feeding sharks or feeding tigars they may "like" you but will eat you alive if given the opportunity.

but saying that I would volunteer if ever in the area for dutiful help during one of the gaggle events.