Monday, April 2, 2012

FOW: Anti Aircraft & HCON Game

Not a lot of painting done last week - I only managed to complete a small anti-aircraft unit for my German Panze Lehr force.   Its a small unit of 2 SdKfz 7/2 AA halftracks.  These units mount 37mm guns and can provide some level of defense against marauding Stuarts along with keeping an eye on the sky.

I did manage to do some planning for my the game I will be hosting at Historicon this summer.  After some thought, I decided to do another Hail Caesar themed game using my Roman and Dacian armies.  I had toyed with doing something naval - perhaps ACW ironclads or Age of Sail.  The real plus for either of those options is the relative ease of transport / set up.  However, both genres are well represented at the con by GM's who really know their stuff so adding yet another version doesn't really add a lot of value.

So despite the transport issues for large 28mm armies and their associated terrain, I'm going with Hail Caesar.  Hopefully there will be some other GM's using the system so we can try some add-hoc battles in the evenings!

I'm still tinkering on the scenario.  I'm not a big fan of set piece ancient battles two lines of troops bash into each other.  Last year's HCON game seemed to go well and was structured as a  Dacian ambush of a Roman column taking the Emperor to a fort.   Both the Roman and Dacian armies have been expanded a bit so this years game will be able to support 3 divisions of 4-6 units each, plus some surprises to shake things up a bit.  Any suggestions for scenario design will be greatly appreciated.

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Ferb said...

You might want to try adding event cards. Such 'Rain shower archery suffers penalty to shooting for X turns' or 'Charge, 1 ambushing unit loses patience and breaks cover' etc. As long as you keep the events to a minimum (possibly each side rolling once a turn to see if an event happens) it can spice things up.