Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shuttle Discovery Fly Over

 Today was an interesting day at work - the Space Shuttle Discovery made a fly over of Washington DC on it's was to be added to the collection of the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum.  The flight path took the shuttle and it's specially configured 747 transport over the Potomac River and just past my office in the Washington Harbor complex.

I was able to snap some pictures as it flew over the Key Bridge (top) and over Teddy Roosevelt Island on it's way to the Washington monument.   The plane was at an altitude of 1,500 so it was a pretty cool experience.  It was also a tad melancholy to see such a proud machine on it's last flight.  I've had the opportunity to see a few shuttle lift-offs in person and it's a magnificent piece of aerospace engineering.

It sure beat listening to the silly conference call I was already ignoring!

Here's a link to a story on the fly over from the Washington Post


The Angry Lurker said...

Conference calls are a pain in the ass, well spotted sir!

Anonymous said...

Yes the end of an era who would have thought we would turn access to space to a former enemy, Not sure this is the way JFK would have liked to see American access to space and his legacy remembered as going into mothballs. I hope we remember the Americans who died so we could step into what was then considered the new frontier. IMHO whatever the cost this choice could be viewed as a mistake in both leadership and world standing for our nation.

Monty said...

Very impressive!