Monday, April 9, 2012

Roman Elliephanzers & Spring is Here!

 I know this really isn't truly "historical" modeling but I thought it would be fun to make some Roman crews for my Elephant models.  One of the great things about plastics is the extra figures you have on the sprues and the material is very easy to customize.  A few Warlord figures and plastic scorpions and "waa-laa" I've now got Elephant mounted Roman scorpions!

I'm not sure this was ever done by the Romans, but if it was I've now got the models for it.  These "Elliephanzers" should be a real treat on the table top.

Building the crew figures for the Elephants on removable stands has proven very helpful and allows one to make double use of expense figures like these elephants.

Now on to another manly topic, gardening.  It's now officially spring as my fig tree is budding and has figs starting to pop out.  It will be mid June before their ready to east but it looks like a good crop this year.  My wife and I are in the final planning stages of what to plant this year in the garden (you know this is the part where she tells me what to plant).  We have started some broccoli and early peas but haven't fleshed out the rest (other than the pre-requsite tomatoes, cukes, peppers and zucchini).

I want to try brussels sprouts again this year.  last year got eaten by deer in late september.


Ray Rousell said...

Lovely nellies and lovely looking figs too!!!

Laughing Ferret said...

Great idea! Very fun. Where do the elephants come from?

jmilesr said...

I purchased the ellies from Sgt Major Miniatures at their Historicon booth. The models are listed under the "Molon Labe" line on their website. A few other posters have identified these models as originally coming from the old Vendel line of miniatures.

Galpy said...

i love the madness they look great

DeanM said...

I missed this post earlier; wow - what an intimidating look the those "tanks" have. Best, Dean