Monday, April 23, 2012

Roman Praetorians and Archers Completed

 Two more units are not complete for my 28mm Early Imperial Roman Army - a 24 figure Praetorian Guard unit and a 16 figure Auxiliary Archer unit.  This will bring my Roman army for Historicon up to:
- 6, 24 figure units of Legionnaire Infantry (3 regular, 2 veteran, and 1 Praetorian)
- 2, 24 figure units of Auxiliary Infantry
- 1, 16 figure unit of Auxiliary Archers
- 2, 12 figure units of Auxiliary Cavalry
- 2 Elephants
- 1 Scorpion Battery
- 1 Ballista Battery

 The Praetorians are plastics from Warlord and I found them easy to both build and paint.  I may go back and tweak some details but these guys are good to go for the table top.

 As I said in an earlier post, i gave up trying to put my Little Big Man (LBM) shield transfers on.  I think this was more do to my limited motor control and the need to very precisely trim the transfers to fit each half of the shield front.  I tried to free hand a few shields but the outcome wasn't that good so I think I'll stick with a basic red for now.

 The archers are metal figures (also from Warlord) and are based in four man units and they were painted up on Sunday morning.  A neat trick I've seen from Ernie (Architects of War)  is where he takes old brushes and cuts them up to use a strings for the bows.  It looks great and I think I'll give that a go just to see how it looks.

With 15 completed units of Romans, I now have enough to field 3 divisions for my upcoming Hail Caesar game at Historicon.  Next up will be some additional units for their arch foes - the Dacian / Sarmatian army.  I'm thinking some more missile fire units in the form of either Dacian foot archers / scorpions or Sarmatian horse archers.  For the scenario I have planned they'll need them....


jmezz382 said...

The pride of Rome, impressive !

jmezz382 said...

I plan on being at Historicon ... So I can see them in person !

Ray Rousell said...

Looking very nice!!

jmilesr said...

jmezz382 - there's room for 6 players so why don't you give it a go? I'm a bit worried that my time slot is the same time as the WWPD Arnhem game but I also run a few "unscheduled" games during the evening hours