Sunday, April 3, 2016

Steve's Gaming Table: Part 2 Top Apron's Done

 The top apron's are are complete.  An apron is a wooden panel that connects the legs and top of a table (it's the sides).  Each panel was run through the router 3 times - twice to cut the 3/8 inch slot and a third to create the T-Slot.  That took a good bit of time but all four sections came out great with no tear outs.  Have I mentioned yet how much I love my new Rockler router table?

The next step in the "Plan" is to attach planed 2x2 lengths along the back of each apron to provide support for the T-Slot and create a 1/2 inch lip along the top for the table top to fit in.

The 2x2's will also form a crude tenon that will fit in a mortise that we'll cut into the 4x4 table legs.

By the way, when I use the term "Plan" it's pretty loose.  I've got some scribbles on graph paper and some ideas I've stolen from Mark Spagnuolo over at the Wood Whisperer website / youtube channel.  He's got a great website for learning about woodworking and I find his style very conducive to learning.  A lot of the mini's painted during the recent Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge were done while listening/watching his how-to vid's.  Plus he's a gamer.  In fact, I purchased a set of plans for a game table he's made and have simplified them to match my limited skills.  Here's a link to the overview video of Marc's game table.  If you want to learn about woodworking I highly recommend his site.

 Here's a picture of the one long section (6 ft) and one short apron (4 ft) set up as the would appear on the "assembled table"

 The 1x2 nestle together and will be sitting in a mortise that will be cut into the leg.  I'll also use some hidden "L" brackets to tie everything together.

That corner looks king of ugly doesn't it?  Don't worry there will be a decorative cut of a hard wood placed there to hide the gaps and add a nice accent.
I do need to cut access wholesaling each apron to allow the t-bolts to be inserted and will do that once I've finalize the accessory panel design (how far aport the T-Bolts will be from each other).

The next step in the project will be making the legs.  I'll be using 4x4 cedar posts for the legs.  Why cedar? because it looks nice and I've had 2 8 ft posts sitting in my workshop for years and they need to get "used".

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