Sunday, April 17, 2016

Steve's Gaming Table: Part 8: Finished! (except for the finish!)

 Whew, the construction part of the game table is complete - this baby's ready see some dice rolled in anger!  The wood's still unfinished, hence the odd title to the post, but I need Steve's input on any color choices since this is going in his house.  I know, I know, it's really his wife's decision but lets go along with the charade.  I've really enjoyed building the table and learned a lot in the process - thanks for being my guinea pig Mr Steve.

 The final tasks for today included putting in some cross supports to support the playing top and storage shelf underneath.  I did this by adding some cleated which I attached with some glue and my trusty cordless nail gun.  A cordless nail gun? - we live in magical times.

 Since Steve has a little one, I'm using 2'xs as the cross brace in case the young lady decides to go climbing.

All nice and square.  I'm using small brass "L" brackets to attach the supports - they don't bear any weight but make assembling and disassembling much easier.

 With the upper and lower cross braces in place, I needed to trim the lower plywood to fit around the tables legs.  Each post is 2/5inched square and i added 1/8 to the measure to account for swelling.

 For precision cuts like these I prefer to do them by hand and have a Japanese Kerf saw (it's like a giant X-Acto razor saw only sharper.  I've just started using Japanese style saws for woodworking and I must say they are superior tools.  I expect I'll replace my entire hand saw set with their Land of the Rising Sun equivalents.

My earlier post today mentioned some wrapping on the larger accessory troop trays.  I cut some angles for my project scrap and now things are nice and square.  Perhaps not the most elegant of designs but it's damn sturdy.

 The end caps are glued into place - I attached them to the short aprons with wood glue - nothing fancy.
 Action shot of the cup holder in use - very exciting, isn't it?

A close up of the cup holder showing the grove and dimple for wine glasses.

 A dice tray on the troop tray!
 A shot of the other trays.
 Here it is again all nice and done except for fine sanding and a finish.

 Close up of the I-Pad stand

I think the corners came out really nice

 I even cleaned up my work bench after the project was done!
 A shot of the cup holder showing how it accepts a wine glass.  The fit was a little tight show I'll file it open a bit more
Without the slot the wine glass looks a bit precarious doesn't it.

I'll be meeting Steve in a few days for a weekend gaming event and will give him the table then.  Once they figure out what type of finish and table top they want I may pop down and finish the project up.

This was a lot of fun and I have some ideas on how to fix up my table, which will be put in place after Historicon.  I've got to make some terrain now!


Steven MacLauchlan said...

I Can't believe how awesome this is! How fortunate I am to have a friend willing to help make my game table easier for my wife to accept by having beautiful furniture in it :)

Again, a sincere thank you! Can't wait to roll some dice on that beauty!

Tony said...

A great looking table and the wine glass holder is real style.


Paul O'G said...

You are a clever and generous guy.
Steve is lucky but also deserving of a buddy like you!