Saturday, April 16, 2016

Steve's Gaming Table: Part 6 - End Caps

 A little bit of work Friday night.  I trimmed one corner of the lower Aprons to match (it was about 1/8 inch off by using a hand plane.
 Next the 8 end caps were cut and sized.  These will go in the corners of the top and bottom aprons to dress things up a bit and attempt to make the table nicer than it really is.
 Here's a picture of an end cap in place
Some finish testing - I'm not sure I like any of them at the moment.  One plus of shaping the end caps is that I ended up with a nice supply of "large bases" for big units like artillery trains.

Saturday will be dedicated to adding the "L" braces for support, installing the temporary plywood tops and building a few accessory trays.

The table will get used in it's first game next Thursday so I need to get moving.

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Paul O'G said...

You really are a clever and industrious chap aren't you Miles!