Sunday, April 3, 2016

Steve's Gaming Table: Part 3 - the legs

 A bit more progress this morning as I was able to cut the cedar 4x4 posts and make the legs.  The first post is up on the Mitre saw awaiting "execution"  Each leg with be 35.5 inches long which with the 1/2 inch thickness of the table top will yield a table height of 36 inches per specification.

 All four legs are cut and match in length.  One of the benefits of cutting cedar is that my workshop (ok, garage) smells nice.

 The next step is to cut the mortis slots on the legs - the 2x2's that were attached to the back of the table's top apron will fit in the removed section.  I plan on drilling 1/2 inch wide holes through the 2x2's and the legs to allow the aprons to be attached with posts.

 I decided to cut the mortises by hand.  The legs are very heavy and trying to cut these on a table or band saw without anyone to spot me is a bit dangerous.  Shop safety is never anything you want to take for granted.

 All four top mortises are done.  I'll need to do a little hand chiseling and filing to ensure they all are square but it's in good shape.  The legs will need a second set of mortises cut for the bottom apron and shelves - that's a next weekend project.

All done for this weekend and everything is stored away on top my work bench.

I need to get the table done in the next two weeks (excluding finishing / sealing).    A full parts list will be posted at the end of the project.  I'd do it now but I'm not sure what all the parts will end up being!


Peter Douglas said...

Looks great Miles. I too love the smell of cedar sawdust, try not to get too high snorting it! It's only a garage if you park your car in it.

john de terre neuve said...

enormously impressive

Paul O'G said...

Impressive - you weren't kidding when you told me you really like to do things with your hands!

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

That looks really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress!

Curt C said...

What a fabulous housewarming gift. Wonderful work Miles.

Paul O'G said...

When you are done in the shop Miles - go check out the game Silent Victory, sequel the The Hunters and set in WW2 Pacific where you command a USN Submarine. Its rather excellent.