Saturday, April 9, 2016

Steve's Gaming Table: Part 4: The Frame is Built

Whew - this was a busy morning.  The basic frame for Steve's gaming table is complete (except for some decorative finish work.  Here's a shot of the assembled frame - it will all be held together with wooden pegs and some brackets so the table can make it's ways down to Richmond.

 First thing thins morning, I clamped together the top apron to make sure everything fit.  This is always a little scary as mis-measuring of misquoting shows up right about now....

 The width is 48 inches and the..
 Length is 72 - bang on.  To be honest that's never happened before!
 All the top aprons clamped into place .  I'll be using wooden pegs to hold the top aprons on the table.
 The first step is to drill out a jig so the holes are positioned correctly.  The jig will also allow me to use a hand drill which will be a lot easier and safer
 First test of the jig is a success.
This picture shows "A" corner with the page in place for each apron - it now rakes a good bit of force to remove the tops.

 "B" corner - I ran out of 5/8 inch dowel so one of the pegs is a bit sort.  I'll run out to the hardware store later this weekend and replace that bit.

 I then cut the lower apron parts and assembled them.
 The other lower aprons waiting to be attached with clamps.  The 1x2 lip alone each apron will support a storage bench under the table.
 Moment of truth - with all the aprons attached and aligned is the table square.

"A" corner is!
 "B" Corner reporting in "Square"
 "C" in corner is all right angles too..
 And lastly, "D" corner is square also - another first in my furniture making history.

There is a lot of sanding to be done, but I think that's a job Steve can help with!

I need to add some stringers across the gaps to support both the table tops and storage bench of they will sag over time.  I need some input from Steve (and more likely his wife on some decorative choices

- Plywood for the table top or sound we go with something a bit more fancy like stair treads or a nice dark wood

- Do they want exposed attachments (plugs) or hidden ones

- Finish style

- Accessory rail parts


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I would say that your mate is very lucky indeed!! :-)

Peter Douglas said...

Well done Miles, you mate is very very lucky I deep. I am quite impressed that your table was a rectangle of the intended size. My attempts at carpentry usually result in some very non-Euclidean geometric constructions!
Cheers PD

Paul O'G said...

Like Peter, my efforts usually generate non symmetrical geometry reminiscent of R'yleh so your 'bang on' outcome times 4 is particularly impressive.

Having used some lovely timber, are you going with a stain to finish it all off? A darker stain with some nice brass corner accoutrements would look rather fantastic I think.

The top deserves something similarly nice, not nasty plywood after all that effort!

jmilesr said...

The corners will be finished with a exotic hardwood. A few months ago I went to a lumber yard and ask if I could get some scrap hard wood - they gave me a box and I took all I could carry! Most of the pieces ar 8-10 inches long and just perfect for details.

For the top, I will cut some plywood for gaming but am thinking of getting 6 48inch wide stair treads and making a decretive top just for fun. Maybe a nice oak or Cherry.

This finishing will be up to Steve (and more likely his wife). I'm having fun building this - it's a nice break after painting all winter!

Black Knight said...

Nice work, Miles! Curious what you estimate the cost would be including labor and materials...

jmilesr said...

The raw lumber is around $200.00 for furniture grade pine. The hardware (brackets and such will be another 25.00

Labor will be about 40 hours all told to complete

Jay White said...

This is coming together beautifully ... great craftsmanship.

Steven said...

I am drooling. That just looks so ridiculously awesome!

Steven said...

"This finishing will be up to Steve (and more likely his wife). I'm having fun building this - it's a nice break after painting all winter!"

haha, yes, you nailed it :)

JamieM said...

what a fantastic table - I'm hoping to move to a new place myself and am now envious of the table!